Our home is not just a building. It’s a place where we can feel free, be ourselves, and spend quality time with our loved ones. Also, it’s a shelter where we can hide from the noisy world. We all have so many memories tied to our homes (hopefully more good than bad).

One of the most basic expectations regarding our home is that it should be safe and comfortable for all family members.

No matter where you live, in a house, condo, apartment, cabin, or RV, you want to make sure your living space is as safe as possible.

At DailyHomeSafety.com we are constantly learning, trying new things, and mastering our skills to provide you with valuable and helpful content.

Our goal is to help you improve your home and make it a safer and better place. On this site, we share our experiences and actionable tips as well as several comprehensive guides that will help you upgrade your home and take security and safety to the next level.

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About James Mora

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Contact James:

A warm welcome to DailyHomeSafety! My name is James Mora and I’m the founder of DailyHomeSafety. To briefly describe myself, I’m a self-taught, enthusiastic DIYer and a health professional with several years of experience as a security manager. I’m passionate about home improvement and safety and I’m constantly experimenting and searching for the best information available (to be honest, I tend to be a perfectionist which sometimes makes my life pretty difficult).

In my early childhood, I spent a lot of time with my grandfather who lived in the country and was a true polymath in my eyes. He taught me a lot about gardening and working around the house and he was the one who showed me the importance of the concept of “safety first”.

We worked a lot together. He explained and showed me how the plumbing and HVAC system worked in detail, including the different pipe types, the heat exchanger, and the vent and duct system as far as I can recall. He knew some pretty awesome tricks and had a ton of experience in house maintenance.

An old photo of grandpa and me renovating a room:

Grandpa and I

We did all kinds of stuff together. One summer we renovated an entire house. It was a very old building, so there was a lot to improve and rebuild. We had to repair the roof and do some masonry work as well (my grandfather was a certified mason and had many other professions too). I still perfectly remember how I enjoyed those days.

Long story short, during that period I really fell in love with working around the house.

Back in 2019 my brother, Blaise, and I decided to launch DailyHomeSafety.com, a site where we could share cutting-edge content, especially for those who needed precise information on safety, home improvement, or senior-well being. As time went on, we got a lot of positive feedback which reassured us that we were on the right path.

We are committed to providing our readers with helpful answers to interesting and unique questions. Having a small but meaningful impact on so many people’s lives is a very satisfactory feeling, to be honest. We love working on DailyHomeSafety and creating helpful content that makes your life a little bit easier, and safer, of course.

Thanks for visiting DailyHomeSafety,