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James Mora

Home Improvement Expert, Contractor, Security Manager


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James Mora is the founder of DailyHomeSafety. He is a home improvement expert, security manager, contractor, and avid DIYer. He has over 12 years of experience in the home improvement industry, and he has worked on a wide variety of projects, from small repairs to major renovations.

He is also a certified security manager, and he has extensive experience in installing and maintaining home security systems and improving overall home security. In addition, he is a passionate DIYer who loves to learn new skills and try new projects. He has helped many homeowners with remodeling projects and improving their security systems, including upgrading doors and windows.

After receiving his Master of Science degree from Budapest University of Technology he worked for several reputable companies both in the EU and the US, managing various home improvement projects for residential and commercial clients. In 2019 he founded DailyHomeSafety with his brother, Blaise. 

James has been passionate about home improvement since he was a kid when he used to help his grandfather with his carpentry and DIY work. To this day, he enjoys doing DIY projects and experimenting with different materials and techniques. He loves teaching and helping homeowners create and improve their dream homes with practical tips and tricks.


Budapest University of Technology, Faculty of Construction Engineering (Hungary, EU), Master of Science degree in construction engineering


  • Certified home improvement expert
  • Certified security manager
  • Extensive experience in home improvement and pest control

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