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12 Best Front Door Colors For Dark Gray Houses

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The front of a dark gray house

If you’re looking for the best colors for your front door that go well with a dark gray house, you’re in the right place.

In this article, I’ll show you all the trending tints, shades, and tones that look fantastic with a dark gray exterior.

1. Turquoise Green

A dark gray house with a turquoise green door and a large blooming bush in the frontPin

Turquoise green is a welcoming color that represents peace, openness, and clarity. It’s not a common color for front doors, so it can be a good choice if you want to stand out from the crowd.

This paint complements the dark gray color very well. As you can also see in the photo above, the door pops out from the gray background, but not in an intrusive way. In fact, most shades of turquoise go well with a dark gray house.

The major disadvantage of brighter colors is that dirt is more visible on the door surface. That’s something you should keep in mind if your house doesn’t have a porch and the door is directly exposed to the environment.

When you should choose this color

If you want a color that’s bolder than traditional earth tones but represents calmness and hospitality at the same time, painting the front door turquoise green can be a great option.

2. Burnt Sienna

A burnt sienna door with a terrace in front of itPin

Burnt sienna is a reddish-brown color that resembles the color of rust. However, it’s not an average earth tone. It’s not as bright as other similar shades but it’s more saturated than pastel versions.

It’s a much more exciting color than good old brown. So if you want something fresher and more luxurious, burnt sienna is definitely worth having a look at.

When combined with a dark gray exterior, this paint quickly catches the eye.

A burnt sienna door also looks pretty decent if you have a dark gray house with white trim.

When you should choose this color

If you want your front door to stand out without being too bright, consider burnt sienna. It’s a warm color that’s especially a good choice if your house has wood elements.

3. Canary Yellow

A canary yellow front door with gray walls and black fence around itPin

Canary yellow is a vivid, bright color full of energy. It’s a pretty saturated shade of the yellow color spectrum, therefore it forms a rather unique combination with dark gray.

While gray is a dull, dark, and pretty boring hue, canary is the complete opposite. 

These two colors differ in so many aspects that they’re almost completely opposite of each other. This is why they make an extremely interesting combination together.

There’s a big contrast between a canary yellow front door and a dark gray house. So if you choose this color, expect your door to stand out from a distance (especially if your garage door has the same paint).

When you should choose this color

If you don’t want to go the conventional way, but need a really light color, choose canary instead of white. It’s an interesting color that will energize the entire house and form an interesting color scheme with charcoal gray.

4. Air Superiority Blue

Air superiority blue front door of a dark gray and brick housePin

This is a conservative door color that’s often used by the military to camouflage aircraft. However, it also goes well with dark gray as they’re somewhat analogous hues with similar undertones.

Keep in mind that if you choose this paint color for your front door, it’s best to use it in combination with white trim, otherwise, it may blend into the gray exterior.

Since this is a pretty dark shade, it won’t show as much dirt. This is a benefit over lighter shades.

To be honest, almost all shades and accents of blue are quite popular door colors and they all go well with gray walls. So in most cases, it’s safe to opt for any other shade as well.

When you should choose this color

If you just need a modest, traditional color that blends into the background color of the house, air superiority blue is a safe choice. White trim increases contrast and makes the overall impression more professional.

5. Languid Lavender

Lavender door and dark gray wallsPin

This light shade of violet goes extremely well with all shades of gray. Unlike violet, it contains a considerable amount of gray, which makes it a perfect match with a grayish exterior.

Languid lavender is on the warm end of the spectrum with some cool undertones, and it’s a pretty welcoming front door color for a dark gray house.

While it might seem to be a feminine tone, the combination with dark gray creates a nearly perfect harmony. Because of the high contrast, there’s no need for any trim to bring out the colors.

When you should choose this color

If you want a warm, welcoming impression with a touch of femininity, this lavender shade will do a great job.

6. Copper Penny

Dark gray house with copper penny front door and a terrace with white fencePin

Copper penny is a reddish-brownish color with an orange undertone and a copper overtone.

If you like rusty colors in a muted form, you may want to consider this tone. It’s on the warm side of the palette, therefore it’s best paired with shades of warm gray. This is why it gives such a nice balanced look next to wooden elements too.

While a copper penny colored door pops out of its surroundings, it does so in a subtle, elegant way.

When you should choose this color

Copper penny is an excellent choice for both light and dark gray houses. While being a subdued rusty color, it provides a warm, welcoming finish to your entry door.

7. Mint Green

Mint green entry doorPin

Painting your front door mint green is getting more and more popular every year. This has multiple reasons.

First, many people like green because it’s associated with nature, harmony, and calmness. Also, the green parts of a house blend in well with the surrounding vegetation.   

Yet, not all accents of this hue look good with a dark gray exterior color. Mint green is a perfect match with gray shades because of its bluish undertone.

When you should choose this color

If you like vibrant colors, a mint green door will definitely brighten up your gray home. It’s perfect for a modern front door. Picking this color is particularly a good idea if your house is surrounded by extensive vegetation as together they will counteract the monotony of gray. 

8. Purple Mountain Majesty

A gray house with a purple mountain majesty entry door and a large yard full of flowers and a tree Pin

While you can create the color purple by mixing blue and red, purple mountain majesty has an additional undertone that makes this shade subtle and welcoming: the color green.

This tone is in perfect harmony with gray, including dark gray siding. It’s associated with spirituality, hospitality, royalty, and luxury.

Although purple and violet are pretty rare in nature, purple mountain majesty will do a better job blending in the green areas around your house.

It looks wonderful with white exterior trim, especially if the trim color has an LRV (Light Reflectance Value) less than 75. For example, City Loft, Oyster White, or White Duck trim colors all go well with the combination of dark gray siding and purple mountain majesty door color.

When you should choose this color

This tone of purple is an elegant, not too obtrusive front door color for a dark gray house. It can be an ideal pick if you want to convey the message of calmness, creativity, and hospitality. It looks best with bright but not too vivid trim.

9. Dark Sky Blue

Gray house with dark sky blue doorPin

This color of the blue hue range is a calm and solid shade that represents trust, authority, and security.

As I’ve already mentioned, for a dark gray house, you can’t really go wrong with most shades, tints, or tones of blue.

Dark sky blue complements gray exceptionally well. While it makes your front door clearly defined against the background, it does not draw all attention, allowing the rest of the house to shine through.

When you should choose this color

If you want a safe and traditional color for your front door that blends in well with gray siding.

10. Coquelicot

Stairs leading to a coquelicot door of a gray housePin

Coquelicot is a bright shade of red. It’s a bold, fresh color that immediately catches the attention.

This door paint color is not for everyone. If this is the only red tone on and around your house, it may be too harsh for some people. For example, a porch with wooden or reddish elements can soften the vibrance of coquelicot.

Nevertheless, this is a trending door color this year. No doubt, this paint color will brighten up a dark gray house and pop out of the environment immediately.

Doors with glass are usually a better candidate for this paint than no glass exterior doors, as the glass surface will reduce and break the unity of the color, softening its harshness.

When you should choose this color

It’s a really bold paint that will certainly add some uniqueness to your home, at the cost of distracting attention from the rest of the building.

11. White

A dark gray brick wall house with a white front door and a garage next to itPin

White is a classic choice that goes well with most other colors. In its purest form, it symbolizes cleanliness, simplicity, and elegance.

White door paint color looks nice with most types of sidings, including brick (as you can see in the photo above).

The main drawback of this color is that it’s a dirt magnet (especially if you don’t have a porch). So be prepared for regular cleaning if you choose this paint for your entry door.

When you should choose this color

White and shades of white are safe choices in most cases. So if you don’t want to spend much time choosing the right color or worrying about making a bad decision, consider going for white.

12. Platinum

Platinum doorPin

Platinum is an evergreen metallic door color that looks great with most grayish and bluish house colors.

Platinum and silver may seem to be very similar, however, platinum is brighter and more vivid than silver. Also, it’s less grayish, which is why it’s usually a better choice for gray houses.

Platinum is a neutral color that represents strength, sophistication, and completeness. This front door paint will blend perfectly into the base color of the house.

When you should choose this color

Like white, platinum is also a pretty safe bet for dark gray houses. One of its major advantages over white is that it won’t show as much dust and dirt. If you like neutral tones and you don’t want your door to pop out, platinum is one of the best front door colors you can pick.

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