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23 Ways to Upgrade Your Home for Under $100

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23 Ways to Upgrade Your Home for Under $100

Is your home feeling a little drab and outdated lately? You don’t need to break the bank for an impressive makeover.

With some creativity and a compact budget of $100 or less, you can breathe new life into any living space through budget-friendly upgrades and simple DIY projects. Trust me, I’ve tried most of these ideas in my own home – with dazzling results!

1. Paint An Accent Wall With A Bold Color

One of the easiest ways to add drama and personality to a room? An accent wall in a vibrant, eye-catching shade.

Whether you go for a punchy coral, luxe emerald green, or classically chic black, it instantly amps up the room’s vibe. Test out swatches first and pick a color that complements your existing furnishings.

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2. Replace Cabinet Hardware (Knobs And Pulls)

You’d be surprised by the impact of new cabinet hardware. Upgrade those dated knobs and pulls for modern alternatives in brushed nickel, matte black, or antique brass.

It’s an affordable way to make your kitchen or bathroom feel brand spankin’ new. Replacing them is super simple too – no need to call in a contractor!

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3. Add A New Shower Curtain And Bathroom Accessories

While you’re upgrading your bathroom hardware, why not invest in some new accessories too?

A stylish shower curtain, plush bath mat, and coordinating towels can lend a high-end spa vibe on a shoestring budget. Look for bold patterns or chic neutrals to complement your color scheme.

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4. Replace Outdated Light Fixtures With New, Modern Ones

Harsh, dated light fixtures are the bane of any beautiful room. Do your interiors a favor by swapping them out for sleek, updated options that diffuse warm, flattering light. 

Nowadays you can find affordable yet trendy fixtures everywhere from big box stores to sites like AllModern.

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5. Add A New Area Rug To A Room

An area rug instantly elevates any room while adding warmth, texture and style points. Find an eye-catching patterned rug to anchor your living room or bedroom under $100 at retailers like Rugs USA. Or, layer a cozy woven or faux fur number over existing wall-to-wall carpeting.

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6. Replace Switch Plates And Outlet Covers

We often overlook the little things, but replacing those dingy outlet covers and light switch plates can make such a difference! Opt for crisp white options or get creative with pops of color or patterns. Small change, big impact.

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7. Create DIY Wall Art

You don’t need to splurge on pricey artwork to liven up bare walls. Get crafty by creating your own on a budget!

Frame flat lay compositions with greenery and sun prints, or display your favorite song lyrics in a rustic wooden frame. Trust me, guests will swoon over your creative handiwork.

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8. Spray Paint Lighting Fixtures

Have a dated ceiling fan or light fixture that’s seen better days? Don’t just toss it!

A few light coats of spray paint can give it an ultra-fresh, modern makeover. Opt for an on-trend shade like matte black, gold or a bold color that complements the room’s palette.

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9. Install New Curtain Rods And Curtains

Nothing makes a room feel more polished and “done” than new curtains. Hang sleek new curtain rods (easily found for under $20) and invest in flowy curtain panels that pool elegantly on the floor. The window treatment instantly enhances the space while providing light control.

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10. Add New Throw Pillows To Your Sofa Or Bed

Throw pillows are the ultimate accessory for breathing new life into your living room or bedroom on a dime.

Interesting textures, bold patterns and cozy fabrics will give your existing sofa or bedding ensemble a fresh, designer feel. I like to mix and match accent pillows for an expertly curated look.

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11. Display Fresh Flowers Or Greenery

There’s nothing quite like the power of living plants to elevate your home’s vibe. Simply style fresh-cut flowers from the grocery store in a lovely vase, or invest in some lush greenery for your shelves and side tables. The vibrant, organic touch does wonders for energizing any space.

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12. Update Cabinet Interiors With Contact Paper

Are the interiors of your kitchen or bathroom cabinets looking a little worse for wear? Use decorative contact paper to give them an inexpensive facelift.

Go for chic patterned options or natural wood grains – it’s a renter-friendly solution to disguise dingy surfaces.

13. Hang Stylish Wall Mirrors

Mirrors are a must for adding light and dimension to cramped quarters. Have fun by hunting down vintage-inspired numbers with unique shapes or decorative frames that catch the eye.

You can usually find stunning secondhand options at flea markets and antique stores for a steal.

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14. Add A Fresh Coat Of Paint To Doors And Trim

Looking to breathe life into a room without painting the whole space? Consider painting just the trim and doors in a crisp white or soft neutral tone.

It’s amazing how such a simple step can make the whole area feel revitalized and refreshed.

15. Install Under-Cabinet Lighting In The Kitchen

Talk about an easy lighting upgrade! Puck lights or LED strip lighting installed under your kitchen cabinets will banish any dreary shadows while lending a high-end, contemporary look. You can find budget-friendly options at places like IKEA and Home Depot.

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16. Add A New Mailbox Or House Numbers

First impressions matter, and new mailbox or house numbers update your home’s tired exterior.

Choose sleek modern digits or an ornate vintage-inspired style that complements your home’s architecture for instant curb appeal.

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17. Replace Toilet Seats

It’s one of those unglamorous chores that gets put off, but a new toilet seat instantly upgrades your bathroom and banishes cracked, unsightly predecessors. Look for cushioned seats with convenient features like soft close lids.

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18. Place Solar-powered Path Lights

Add ambiance to your outdoor spaces by lining walkways and gardens with solar-powered path lights.

They’re surprisingly affordable yet lend an upscale look with their warm, glowing illumination.

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19. Install A New Showerhead

If your shower setup is looking lackluster, replace that dated showerhead with a modern rainfall or multi-setting unit that transforms your daily routine into a spa-worthy experience. Luxury at a refreshingly low price.

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20. Clean Your Windows

There’s no better (or more affordable!) way to brighten up your whole home than having sparkling clean windows.

Do it yourself or hire a professional window washer – either way, it’s a worthy investment to let that sunshine pour in.

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21. Add A New Doormat

It may seem simple, but a stylish new doormat makes a bold statement while keeping dirt and grime at bay.

Choose one that complements your home’s aesthetic, from classic coir to colorful printed versions.

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22. Display Decorative Candles

There’s just something so cozy and sophisticated about the flicker of candlelight, isn’t there?

Group decorative candles on a tray or display them individually around your rooms for instant ambiance. Flameless LED versions are an ultra-safe option.

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23. Add A New Kitchen Or Bathroom Trash Can

Toss out that dingy, old trash can and invest in a new waste bin that enhances your home instead of detracting from it.

Whether it’s a sleek stainless steel model or a charming woven piece, it’s a small change that makes a difference.

new trash canPin

By implementing some of the above ideas your home should feel fresher, more beautiful and deeply gratifying thanks to these budget-savvy upgrades. Remember, it’s the little things that breathe new life into any space without demolishing your finances. Happy decorating!

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