Security Hacks

A wooden apartment door

10 Effective Ways to Boost Apartment Door Security

Most apartment doors are easy targets for intruders. In fact, sometimes getting into the apartment complex is more complicated than breaking into one of the units. Fortunately, just by taking a few simple measures, you can dramatically increase your apartment door security and reduce the risk of a possible break-in. While you can secure your ...
A yellow and a blue upvc door next to each other

7 Ways to Dramatically Improve Security on a UPVC Door

UPVC doors are getting popular, and for a good reason: they offer a durable, energy-efficient, and affordable alternative to traditional doors. They require little maintenance, last for more than 30 years, and can be recycled. Nowadays, most modern UPVC doors are usually pretty secure out of the box. Many, but not all of them, feature ...
A large purple safe

11 Best Uncommon Secret Places to Hide a Safe in Your Home

So you’ve got a safe and want to find a secret place to conceal it. Using a safe is a great way of hiding and protecting your valuables but you have to do it the right way. Many people focus on finding the most secure safe that’s really hard to crack, however, choosing the right ...