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A flooded house

3 Highly Effective Ways to Seal Your Doors from Flooding

Natural disasters are getting more and more common in most parts of the world. Unfortunately, they’re inevitable: you can’t stop hurricanes or change the direction of tornadoes (yet). However, often you can prepare for these adverse events and protect your home from being damaged. Floods are a common problem that can cause substantial damage to ...
Tile floor with white and blue tiles

5 Powerful Ways to Make Tile Floor Non-Slip

If you have tile floors in your home, you probably already know both their advantages and disadvantages. On one hand, they retain water much better than other floorings. On the other hand, tile floors can be extremely slippery, especially when wet. This can lead to all kinds of injuries, even serious ones (I know from ...
Best pool chlorine alternatives

The 6 Best Pool Chlorine Alternatives [Pros and Cons]

Pools attract all kinds of pathogens and while most of them are harmless to humans, some are potentially hazardous and can cause really serious health issues. Chlorine is a very popular and inexpensive chemical used all over the world to kill germs in pools. Its popularity is not surprising: it really does a great job. ...